With the promotion and application of the GNSS driving test system, the driving school training system must be upgraded to meet the needs of the driving test. In fact, by comparison, the driving training system is more widely used and has a larger market. Therefore, the introduction of the intelligent driving training system has broad social and economic benefits.

GNSS application
As a leading provider of vehicle mounted antenna for driving test, Beitian actively communicates with driving test manufacturers and industry partners to jointly discuss the development and application of driving test antenna technology and products. Integrate the advantages of self height precision positioning technology to provide a series of high-precision, high-performance and highly reliable vehicle mounted antenna products for driving test vehicles. At present, the use rate of Beitian driving training in the national driving test is more than 90%. The antenna equipment has multiple feed points, low standing wave ratio, obvious reception effect for low elevation signals, anti multipath choke plate, anti surge design, strong performance, four-star multi frequency, and high cost performance.

Typical products

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