GNSS application
The positioning antenna of UAV is equivalent to the "eye" high-precision positioning technology of UAV, including the compatibility of GPS, BDS, GLONASS, GALILEO and satellite based enhancement system, antenna beam shaping, providing multi system and multi azimuth strong satellite signals to provide centimeter level (to millimeter level) positioning accuracy, and effectively handling the interference between systems under the working environment of UAV's multi communication frequency band, so that the UAV can always remain stable during flight, During automatic cruise, it provides high safety, which can effectively avoid the "explosion" of UAV, and ensure the reliability and controllability of UAV in work.

The traditional UAV spiral antenna is subject to the influence of antenna height, so it is difficult to integrate the antenna with the UAV body. The electromagnetic environment interference of the whole machine and the special application environment also put forward more requirements for the industrial UAV antenna. In the iteration process of UAV antenna products, Beitian mainly started from two directions: first, on the basis of antenna scheme innovation, further improve the performance of the products; The second is to make the product more suitable for customer terminal machine model development. To meet the needs of UAV industry applications, Beitian provides professional UAV antennas, aviation antennas, UAV data link radio and other series of products for UAV customers in the industry, flexibly meeting the differentiated needs of different UAV products, and making UAV operations more intelligent and efficient.

Typical products

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