GNSS application
As the core technology of automatic driving of agricultural machinery, GNSS obtains the position and operation scene of agricultural machinery in real time through positioning technology, and uses algorithms such as RTK to achieve accurate positioning. At the same time, the attitude information of agricultural machinery is obtained through sensors, compared with the preset route of agricultural machinery, and the working mode and state of agricultural machinery are adjusted in real time to achieve high-precision, efficient and intelligent automatic driving of agricultural machinery.

To meet the needs of the industry, Beitian provides customized GNSS high-precision antenna, differential data link radio and other core components. The combination of GNSS high-precision antenna and differential data link radio and other products can accurately locate the position, heading and posture of agricultural machinery, help improve the efficiency of agricultural machinery operation, ensure the centimeter level accuracy of repeated farmland operations such as farmland, sowing, spraying and harvesting, reduce the labor intensity of vehicle drivers, reduce time input and fuel consumption, improve the output per unit area, and bring greater benefits to users.

Typical products

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