GNSS application
GNSS technology can conduct high-precision, high-speed real-time precision navigation and positioning, and is the main technical means of outdoor autonomous positioning. By means of differential technology, precise single point positioning technology and other means, the positioning of outdoor robots can achieve different positioning accuracy at sub meter, decimeter and centimeter levels in real time; Or it can be combined with inertial navigation, vision, radar and other sensors for high-precision positioning in a variety of complex scenes.

Beitian has devoted itself to the Beidou navigation industry for many years. It has a profound technological accumulation and many advanced products with independent intellectual property rights in surveying and mapping, unmanned aerial vehicles, precision agriculture, digital construction, deformation and safety, robots and other industries. In response to the demand in the field of intelligent devices, Beitian provides GNSS high-precision products that can be customized, designed and produced. It has the characteristics of high-precision, small size, stable phase center, high gain, good compatibility, etc. At present, Beitian high-precision products have been finalized and applied in batches by many mowers and marking robots manufacturers at home and abroad.
Typical products

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